Comuna is an educational project that is innovative and personalized. It is for families that are looking for a different style of education for their children. This education recognizes the individuality of every human being so that they grow up with respect and autonomy throughout their life.
Comuna has a safe and friendly work environment, providing excellence in education in our spaces, we work with high-profile professionals who will guide your children to face the world's challenges.

- Comuna in campus in Quito, 100% in person.
- Comuna in House (individual or small groups)
- Special programs for athletes and children of expatriates

Personalization is our guarantee!
- We focus on building an educational program for each individual.
- Smaller groups of students in the classroom create an effective student/teacher ratio.
- Educational pedagogists walk students through the learning process.

Our educational model recognizes the individuality of every child and helps them develop their abilities. Our model is founded on two synergetic and elemental pillars:
- Comprehensive human formation
- Academic excellence

To recognize the individuality of every human being, to help them develop themselves with respect and autonomy.

Our educational model is based on forming exceptional and academically excellent humans. Our model is founded on four proven fundamental components.
1. Effective Learning.

2) Effective Teaching

3) Family Health

4) Social Emotional Learning

A healthy and comprehensive learning community for students, families, and teachers. We promote life-long learning experiences.