Comuna, based on its educational model, provides the following levels of education to potentialize the educational development.

• Preschool

• Elementary

• Secondary

Comuna in alliance with Humboldt Zentrum,  works with a dual educational program, which consists in learning by doing, Comuna is a pioneer in this type of education in Quito. This dual program allows students to visit different business companies that belong to the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

We are working on completing our educational program with Advance Placements Programs (APs) for secondary students.

Humboldt Zentrum works with Comuna in a pedagogical process to strengthen the learning quality of each student and turn them into life-apprentices.

How does it work?

Humboldt Zentrum evaluates the learning process to certify that the students have developed all the mandatory skills and promote the students to the next school year through the Ministry of Education.


There is a series of elements that make us different from others, and these elements make our learning process a unique experience for children to learn.

● Self-respect and respect for others

● Cooperative work between students, parents, and teachers

● Interaction with nature to enrich their cognitive and physical development as well as their mental health.


The brain´s plasticity from 0-12 years old requires a balanced diet, good sleep, and loving environment. Shortening the commute between home and school is conducive to reaching these goals.
Therefore, Comuna has a satellite cell in Quito and the valleys.

*If you have a satellite cell close to your house, and you would like to improve it, you could become a satellite Comuna cell.

New Comuna spaces at Mundo Juvenil.